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    Roy Chambers- Real Estate Guide
    April 29, 2023

    The drive through seldom works... today it was actually working but they were just ignoring it because they were "short staffed." No sign, & no acknowledgement that you need to come in. So I called while I was sitting in the drive through to see it was broken again. No answer despite 3 attempts & to be transferred to someone in the pharmacy. I had 2 dogs with me so I really didn't want to go in but I really didn't want to come back. 3 people working in in the pharmacy & there was only one other customer. But no one came over to help either of us. Finally someone sees us & someone appears. I wait my turn & give the person the information to pickup the medication but they can't find it. She asks the pharmacist on duty & he doesn't seem to be too concerned. A little more waiting while she searches & finally she is ringing me up. I ask her if they are not answering the drive through, why isn't there a sign to let people know. "Oh, we have a sign somewhere." No apology, no 'I will take care of that right away', instead it was basically, 'no you don't matter!' It wasn't said but that's the message I heard by their actions. The cap was a childproof cap, despite the fact that we've signed the paperwork to get regular caps multiple times. It is very difficult for my wife to open those type of caps. This is a constant issue. I didn't bother to try to address it again. We were using their delivery service but the driver didn't deliver the meds last time & we had to jump through hoops to get a replacement. I also had issues with the drivers showing up hours after they were supposed to have come. I have had at least one driver just leave them without even getting a signature. He just left them by the door. There are some good people that work here.but there are way too many problems.

    kirk packard
    April 18, 2023

    Rite aid is my favorite beer store. Sometimes they have the best mark downs. Keep your eyes peeled. In late spring sometimes great plant start deals !

    Drew Rochon
    October 29, 2022

    I am not one to write reviews but this has to be addressed. We’re changing pharmacies and drug stores completely. I am sure it is a problem for Rite Aid at its core but they are understaffed in the pharmacy. They take very long to fill a prescription which would be fine if you had any way of calling to check if it’s ready but no one ever answers the phone. This has been stated in the other reviews many times. Wait in a 20 minute line to almost always be told your prescription isn’t ready even days after they received it. Literally I am waiting 30 minutes for my prescription right now and they have had it for 2-3 days. They are understaffed so they have to take a lunch without anyone available covering the pharmacy. I get that but they will let you wait in line until they just cut it off at their lunch time and tell you to come back later. Put up a sign or rope off blocking customers from getting in line 20 minutes before your lunch so you can work through the line and not waste peoples time. Rite Aid will respond to this with a lip service response but honestly they are losing more and more customers due to the same terrible consistency. We are done. I do hope they fix their issues before it is too late.

    Torrie Ribar
    November 06, 2022

    I can't get a hold of the store to check to see if they are preparing my prescription. I really don't want to waste time and drive to the store to find out I need to wait another 45 minutes for my prescription to be ready. Please have someone available to answer the phone. Other then that the staff are usually always nice and helpful.

    Cloth Compassion
    November 27, 2022

    Today at Rite Aid, in Stanwood, WRONGFULLY accused me of prescription forgery and fraud. The pharmacist was so incredibly rude to me as I was telling her it was not. She did not even contact the doctor, she called the police. She said it's now I'm the hands of the police. But luckily the offericer was sitting in the parking lot still. So I approached him, he had the RX in his possession. I told him that it was NOT fraud, literally handed to me by the doctor. He said he was about to come to my house. But he was very kind, and did not treat me poorly or judgmental in any way. I called the Dr on speaker phone and luckily they were in office, the confirmed the RX verbally so the officer went back inside and told the pharmacy they were wrong. He said since I seemed him out and approached him asking about it he knew it was a mistake. I'm just annoyed, I did nothing wrong, and the pharmacy treated me with such disrespect, the first tech jut walked about without a word to me and had the pharmacist tell me, and accuse me. I was treated like trash. It was humiliating and embarrassing as she spoke loud and clear with a long line of other customers. I absolutely understand these things truly happen, sp they need to be vigilant. But she did not even try to comfiim its validly with the doctor, or speaking to me first. I got my rx back, tool it to bartells and had it filled there without any issues. Thankful fot calm, kind officer that gives the benefit of doubt and again upset about the way the pharmacy handled the situation. And neither one ever did say what looked fraudulent about it. I will never use a rite aid again, not that they care. But I've had issues with rxs taking 5 days to be filled when called in, or refills taking several days too.

    Rite Aid

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